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The Pala team was totally taken by surprise to receive one of the "n"icest welcome tours from James "IceMan" Ruyle a former racer turned ice artist / entrepreneurs who , along with a family and team effort build ice-castles for every visiting  family to enjoy in Colorado .

It was a must for the Pala team to visit the " icecastle" in Breckenridge CO. Funny how a tip from VP fuels Bruce Hendle ( MX / die hard skier , would end in a chance meeting. James  and the core staff were shutting down when we arrived, from there it was a random mutual respect of builders who's path crossed.

From photos as far away from Israel, sent to us by staff or friends seeing our shirts  to this random meeting, it shows how talented and diverse our sport is. James , thanks for the tour and we shall see you at Pala this summer. We would be curious to see what you can do with a Dozer, let alone a water hose and hand tools. 



Update: 3/27/2014: Pala Raceway is still closed to the public for right now. We are working on getting back open. To go along with our electrical problem, there was a new insurance policy demanded to be put in place before the Raceway can reopen to the public. Two of three policies are currently in place; a third policy had fundamental language changes requested before approval. So the process had to be restarted and had to go back through the underwriting process, which unfortunately takes time. Our legal and insurance team are working on it, and trying to get you guys back riding at Pala Raceway as soon as we can.


When we have a re-opening date we will let everyone know.